Ongoing citizen actions

Article updated on 21st June 2016

I’m listing here a few ongoing citizen and political actions in favour of the environment, sustainable mobility and a sustainable future. Thank you for allowing some time to check these links and give your support to the commitment of all those who refuse to head straight for disaster.

Europe and North America are currently negotiating two trade deals that could turn out to be the biggest corporate power grabs in history — TTIP and CETA. If passed, TTIP will jeopardise vital environmental and health regulations and threaten working standards in Europe, allowing corporations to sue governments behind closed doors. October 6th 2015 marked the end of the self-organised European citizens’ initiative (ECI) — one year after the start of what has become the largest ECI ever. In October, we delivered more than 3,263,900 signatures against TTIP and CETA to the European Commission. On May 2nd, Greenpeace Netherlands has released secret TTIP negotiation documents. You can download them here.

Protect our health, Stop Monsanto and their toxic glyphosate (Avaaz), more than 2’060’000 signatures. After two last minute cancellations following citizen pressure, a new vote will be held at the European Commission on Friday 24th June to extend Monsanto’s  glyphosate license – the present license will expire on June 30th. Let’s make sure it won’t be renewed. Please, also support these actions : SumOfUs and WeMove.EU.

International campaign for the preservation of night trains in Europe
The European night train network is being slowly dismantled by the various railway companies. Some of the trains I have been taking to leave or come back from a cycle journey have already been definitely cancelled, like for instance the Basle-Copenhagen and Irun-Hendaye-Geneva lines. Find more information on World Carfree Network website. The Swiss petition “Save the night trains” has been delivered to the federal authorities in Berne on 30.09.2015, with 11’141 signatures.