Another chaotic update on

Returning from a bike journey rarely goes without its share of bad news. After a wonderful 3100 km tour along the Baltic Sea coast, through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden, I started mapping the itinerary in order to publish it here. Unfortunately, I discovered that bikemap “updated” the route editor and that the new version is not working properly – to be short.

As this is far from being the first time long-term bikemap users face such a disappointment, I wrote an email to the support team and posted a reaction on a discussion thread in the Help Center – which later suddenly disappeared… Continue reading

Looking for a bike route ?

Updated March 2020.

Here are the links to the already published bike routes, together with basic information, such as countries and essential figures (total distance, total time, daily climb, date of travel).

These links are referring to the French section of the website, but if you’re just looking for a bike route, this might for the time being suit your needs : you’ll get a detailed map of each itinerary, photos, connections between routes (allowing to plan your journey along connected sections of different routes), road map & guidebook references, links to interesting websites, plus download links for GPS and Google Earth files. Continue reading

Europe by bike’s first birthday – and still much to do !

A year has passed since I started this website in April 2012.

So far, 29 bike routes across 11 European countries have been published in the French section, totalling 22’091 kilometers. These itineraries can be classified as follows :

6 international routes, of which 5 are long distance (13’661 km)
7 medium and long distance routes in France (6339 km)
8 medium and short distance routes in Switzerland (1510 km)
5 day tours in the Geneva/Switzerland-France area (413 km)
3 MTB tours in Valais/Swiss Alps (168 km)

The eleven countries are : Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Denmark and Norway. Continue reading



You will soon find on this website various itineraries to cycle across Europe, mainly on secondary roads and cycle paths free from motorized traffic. General information about travelling by bicycle will also be available.

I’m writing articles in French and will then translate them into English. This will take time. In the meantime, you may view all published itineraries and their references (maps, guidebooks & more) in the French section of the website – just check under the menu Routes.

Several routes must still be built on They include long distance journeys, short trips as well as many day tours in the Geneva area (Switzerland/France). Furthermore, I’ll be posting a few mountain bike tours in the wonderful Val d’Hérens (Valais, Swiss Alps).

I’ll be giving a short description of each itinerary and post meaningful photos to allow each visitor to get a better idea of the published routes.